September, 2009 -- Liberty Alliance, LLC, Scott Brown has developed his goodwill as an expert on exposing how Bank CD works. He‘ll teach how to manage your investments the same way banks do! Scott is going to release book soon, “How To Turn Your Bank CD into A Cash Flow Money Machine” which reveals unique alternate solutions to your low-yield IRA, Saving, or Bank CD. Scott Brown says, “What you get from your social security monthly checks will not be sufficient for 97% of Americans to meet their day-to-day needs” coupled with the recent all time low of Bank CD rates that further tighten your belts, shrink your monthly budget, and even raise future concerns. At Liberty Alliance he‘ll teach you how to get the Cash Flow you need in retirement and how to beat the banks at their own game.
Your Bank CD, now dropped to all time low rates, gives you hardly 1-2% while your Bank turns around and earns 8% on your money by investing in real estate. You allow your money to accrue in your Bank CD, the bank loans that money out at 6-8%, they get monthly Cash Flow and a 600 to 700% return off the spread of what they pay you and what they earn from their borrowers. The bank gets rich while the average Bank CD owner is going broke just trying to keep up with inflation.
At Liberty Alliance, LLC, Scott will teach you how to do what the banks do so you can earn what the banks earn. He‘ll tech you about three options which can safely and reliably earn you 6-12% and even keep you in control of your money!
1) If monthly cash flow is important to you he‘ll teach you how to earn the same 6% the banks offer as interest rates to their borrowers.
2) Scott can teach you how to earn up to 10% if you don‘t need monthly payments and are willing to allow your investment to accrue like Bank CD do.
3) And if you want to maximize your return and are willing to be an active real estate investor he‘ll teach you how to find a partner and earn 10-12% that will maximize your monthly cash flow and highest rate of return.
One of the biggest complaints of the retired people in America is that they don‘t have enough cash flow to sustain day-to-day needs. At Liberty Alliance, LLC, Scott Brown reveals the secrets of the banks and will teach you how to manage your investments the same way they manage their investments. Banks invest heavily in real estate and have become one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.
Over the past 11 years Scott has been a part of over 3,500 real estate transactions! He‘ll teach you at Liberty Alliance the secrets he learned to beat the banks at their own game with his investments and reveals how you can do the same thing he did. Think about it for a second; banks are on every major intersection and have the tallest buildings downtown. They have several employees at each location; they fake you out by offering you FDIC insurance only to not show you the fine print that says they have up to 99 years to pay you back, if they go under?
Liberty Alliance, LLC will teach you how to do what the bank do, so you can earn like the bank earns. To learn more please visit
If you‘d like to learn more please fill out online secure and confidential assessment form at Liberty Alliance, LLC. Or to contact Scott Brown directly, please call toll free # (800) 611-2170 Ext 104.
Putting your money In a Bank CD SUCKS! At Liberty Alliance, you will learn how to beat the banks at their own game…your money does not have to earn the disappointing Bank CD rates!

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