11, April 2015: Andy Shaw said that people these days are always seeking to fit in with the big crowd as they are told that’s the way to go. Based on his understanding of things, people have this deep belief that going to the best schools and being able to be on top of the class is their only way to get a better future in life. Andy included… “This is the mantra, helped to support teachers, and particularly parents, but nevertheless, I don’t think it’s necessarily correct, so I have put myself in the valued position of not having to push my kids to grow up, instead I’m enabling them to do that at their own pace.” 

Educating Children

According to Andy, his mind has recently been engaged with the thought of exams, universities and schools because of the forthcoming examination of his son David. Andy told his boy that he didn’t need to get high grades in order to do what he desired in life, adding: “I told him that he only needed to achieve that if he had any plan of becoming an integral part of their faction.” Andy also says that his son’s friends are all being pressured by their parents and teachers, who are telling them that they must prosper at school or they won’t get what they want from life. 

Andy believes that most children at fifteen years old are struggling to understand what their parents and the teachers are telling them. He adds: “I believe I will be writing about these things soon, but for the time being I’m still monitoring and bearing in mind all of the negative results regarding this way of thinking. I see parents pushing their children to reach the higher class levels instead of enabling them to learn at a pace they are comfortable with. It’s because nowadays individuals believe that you are smart enough once you secure high grades in school. This is the reason why parents are driving their children to fit in rather than just helping them create their own potential. Not surprisingly, it’s quite common to see that there are so many ineffective adults out there.” 

Under a recent “bug free mind” blog post, over 50 followers have replied to Andy’s ideas about educating children. “It’s perfect timing,” is what Lynn stated. “My son is selecting courses for his senior year and is so stressed, and has no idea what he wishes to do other than play volleyball. I will change my approach when we evaluate courses tomorrow night. Thank you Andy!” Another comment left by Marie says: “My son was put into the bottom class since he didn’t like playing rugby and football. Since the bottom group does a lot more training and physical stuff such as physical education, gymnastics, basketball, athletics and circuit training, he discovered himself being part of it. Today he has been able to build up his confident and fitness level, without having any regret about not being part of the ‘top’ group.” 

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