‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ But what about skincare? Is there something we can do on a daily basis to preserve the youthfulness, vitality, and luminosity of our skin? Surely, our skin deserves undivided attention too.

And no, we are not talking about makeup. Don’t get us wrong though — we are in no way against cosmetics because after all, they give our skin a quick fix and conceal our blemishes.

As continuously proven by science, our skin starts to deteriorate and show unavoidable signs of aging by the time we reach our mid-20s. For example, major elements supporting the skin such as collagen and elastin decrease, while the skin’s hydration also drops drastically. To make matters worse, UV rays from the sun takes its toll on our skin’s structure.

A-list skincare specialist Ayleen Emerson stresses, “Surprisingly, nutrients that keep our skin in ideal, radiant, and youthful condition can be replenished and even enhanced.”

She has a little advice for making the above easy. “If you want astonishingly luminous and youthful skin, I highly recommend taking Omono.” Ayleen further explains, “I believe it could most possibly be the key to unleashing the inner-beauty of your complexion.”

A unique powder drink from Japan, Omono delivers vital micronutrients that work interdependently to repair our skin’s flawed structures. “It really does make being attractive and charming very easy,” she adds. And while makeup creates the delusion that you have flawless and shiny skin by providing a quick, yet short-lived fix, supplements like Omono actually gives you perfect radiant skin by tackling the skin from deep inside its roots by replenishing the vital nutrients that are lost or damaged as a result of our lifestyle and age.

So what will be the results? “A much smoother and defined skin texture, an increase in the skin’s elasticity and luminosity, and a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are just some of the many benefits that users observed,” Ayleen explains.

“It works miracles if you persist with it, adding a sachet into your drink once every day,” Ayleen nods. “So sit back and relax, and let Omono work on your skin.”

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