It is not unusual for office jobs to be stereotyped as physically lazy and requiring little to no physical skills or fitness. However new research reveals a particular kind of fitness is required to be successful in any office job….hand strength.

Think about the typical day of any office worker and what is required. If they are not working frantically at their computer typing away they might be signing documents or filling in paperwork. Perhaps they might be tied up with other administrative tasks such as filing, photocopying or even making a much needed coffee.

Each of these tasks could easily be hindered by a lack of hand strength and dexterity. Research has shown that increasing hand strength or otherwise known as Grip Strength, is an effective way to enhance dexterity and in turn make the mundane office tasks easier and most likely increase productivity.

Over recent years with the ‘health boom’ many research articles and studies have shown and encouraged desk-bound-workplaces to take a break and stretch every few hours to help prevent poor posture, bad backs or IRS.

The reality is the human body is not designed to be sitting still for 8 hours straight looking at a computer screen! So taking the time to look after your body can have a huge impact on not only your productivity but also prevent other health conditions.

So how does one improve grip strength and dexterity?

It is simple, by using a tool specifically designed to assist in isolating and improving the muscular strength and endurance within your hands and wrists. This tool is known as Hand Grippers.

Hand Grippers are small and compact with present two handles connected by a spring. Using a squeezing motion the user must bring those two handles closer together within one hand. Alternative exercises such as using one or a selected few fingers can also be effective.

The great thing about this product is that it can easily be stored in a hand bag or desk drawer so you can use it while you take a much needed 10 minute break from sifting through the paperwork or emails at work.

The Amazon market recently released a new Hand Gripper perfect for the office worker who needs to enhance their hand dexterity and reaction so they can type faster and most importantly get the lid off the coffee jar with ease! Supreme Squeeze presents an intermediate grip resistance which for some may be challenging at first but after frequent use will become easier and easier.

If the average person were to use a hand strengthening tool such as the Supreme Squeeze for a few weeks on a regular basis they would start to feel more control with their hands and wrists especially when it comes to isolated and tedious movements such as typing.

So if you are wanting to increase productivity and efficiency in the office take the time to focus on your small motor skills and hand dexterity by using hand grippers or other hand strengthening tools.