15, October 2015: The Airwheel electric scooter, as a cutting-edged means of commuting, is enjoying an increasing popularity among the public, which could be clearly seen from the rising number of people who are riding one on the street. People, nowadays, usually ride one to the office, the supermarket, the public square, the park and anywhere else they could think of. And riding an intelligent scooter has almost been a fashion in the world both for convenience and for pleasure as well. Travelling, as way of relaxing oneself, finding who you are and what the world is could be added with more fun if a scooter could be taken with you.


To begin with, taking an electric scooter will bring the travelers great convenience, which is out of question. Whatever kinds of transportation the traveler has chose, by driving a car or taking a train or anything else, a scooter gives them no trouble at all to get themselves easily packed due to their tiny size. Then the scooter might exert great influence upon the quality of a trip. Riding a scooter to the scenic spot will save the visitors a great amount of time because they are not obliged to find a parking lot for their cars at the place where is difficult to find one.


Secondly, more than a means of transportation which could take one from one place to another, an Airwheel self-balancing scooter could bring its riders pleasure as well. One could not only ride one in the scenic spot to save their energy for a longer trip, but also could ride it on the narrow street of the local city to know more about the customs and the people of the city. Just imagine what great fun one could enjoy if he could encounter a gray-haired couple walking side by side with their hands crossed with each other.

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