Exeter, England; 27, April 2017: The Energy Savings Trust recommends installing the correct boiler which can help a homeowner to save £340 every year on their energy bills. This is the reason why MTS plumbing advocates installing new and more energy efficient boilers replacing outdated boilers. According to them, a new boiler can even compensate the installation cost in the long run and can generate more savings for the homeowner.

According to the Exeter plumbing company, not only it saves money, but it also adds value to the property. Moreover, a homeowner enjoys the best heating experience and can rest assured of the proper working of the boiler throughout the chilly winter season. An old boiler could be prone to malfunctioning, while this will not be a case with a new boiler. At the same time, a new boiler will be eco-friendly with the lesser amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

The owner of the company, Jim Mercer, maintains that the investment in New Boilers certainly pays back in the future and a homeowner and his/her entire family can enjoy a comfortable heating experience inside the home during the winters. According to Jim, they have won the trust of the customers in the area and are capable of installing new and improved boilers from all major brands, including the Worcester Bosch boilers. They have the expertise of installing gas, propane or hybrid boilers that come with energy saving features. Besides, they help owners in choosing the best model and size of the boiler that can meet the heating requirements of the building.

Besides installing latest boilers, MTS plumbing also has significant experience in Boiler Servicing and Repair. The company has a team of experienced engineers who can repair and service all types of boilers. They offer timely preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns of boilers, especially during the chilly winter when people need them the most. Speaking about their services, Jim reveals that they offer competitive prices for repair, servicing and installation of boilers.

One can learn more about the benefits of installing a new boiler by visiting the website http://www.exeterboilers247.co.uk

About MTS Plumbing:

With over 15 years of experience, Jim Mercer at MTS Plumbing and Heating is the proud local engineer to serve homeowners in the city of Exeter and surrounding areas. Jim’s reputation as an expert tradesman is known throughout the region. Customer safety and satisfaction are Jim’s priority and he will work hard to ensure that each project is carried out efficiently and with minimum disruption to a home or a business. MTS offer a full suite of services covering every aspect of plumbing and heating.

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