Union carpenters are well trained and work quickly, accurately, and safely at all times. Productivity is the primary goal when crews are dispatched. A tremendous advantage of working with a Union crew is the vast knowledge that the craftsmen possess. Most regional Union offices have many continuing education classes for its members so that they can constantly enhance their skills and keep up with the latest technology and developments in the industry.

Unlike their non-Union counterparts, Union carpenters must serve a lengthy apprenticeship before they are qualified as a full service carpenter. This comprehensive training ensures that crew members bring the highest level of quality and experience to every project they undertake.  Working smarter means working more productively.  Many clients have discovered, while Union rates are higher than open-shop, the projects run more seamlessly and efficiently.

When our crews are called into a retail store to install high end cabinetry or mill work, clients are entrusting our workers with furniture and fixtures that often exceed tens of thousands of dollars each. Everything is subjective. Does it make sense for the client to bring in our fully trained and well-insured crews and pay a small premium vs. a local “handyman” who has limited experience in higher-end work and may possibly be under-insured or not insured or licensed because of lax enforcement

For over 130 years the United Brotherhood of Carpenters , with over half a million members, has been a leader in training, educating and representing the next generation of construction professionals. In the construction business it is imperative that projects be staffed by well-trained and productive workers and you will find no group more committed to building relationships than a Union carpenter.

In the many states where Union crews are required for store fixture installation, finish carpentry or commercial flooring installations, Union Installers(http://www.UnionInstallers.com/) will work with you to mobilize a talented and responsible Union crew to complete your projects. We are called in many times to assist fellow non-Union installation companies who have a need for a Union-staffed project and want to make certain that it runs smoothly and affordably.

When you work with a competent and qualified Union carpentry company you are working with the most trained and respectable professionals in the industry.

Martin Chase is national Union sales director for Store Force, specializing in store fixture installations, mill work installations, finish carpentry and commercial flooring. He can be reached at: 631-672-3150, emailed at: [email protected] The company website is: www.UnionInstallers.com.