March 19, 2013 — Northeastern University students now have access to Explorite, a new website that offers an online marketplace for college students. Explorite provides an online marketplace for college and university students to buy, sell, trade or share textbooks and other college related material. Furthermore, Explorite expands the Northeastern University classifieds by including other colleges and universities. From hosting classifieds that offer employment, car pooling and roommate opportunities as well as finding off-campus apartments and more, Explorite is the online college marketplace.

There is no fee for the services provides by Explorite. College and university students simply have to sign a short registration to access the services. Created by Adi Pellumbi, a computer science alumni student at Salem State University in Massachusetts, Explorite was launched on October 3rd, 2012. Since it was launched, Explorite has expanded its services to several colleges and universities with Northeastern University being the latest addition. This means that services such as classified ads can now be placed and accessed by Northeastern University students.

By broadening the number of students that all have access to a singular classified ad platform, Explorite expands the opportunities college students have at finding what they need or selling what they have in terms of college-related items. Textbooks, backpacks, organizers, school supplies, computers, apartment furniture and more can be purchased, sold, traded or shared through Explorite. By expanding the number of students that can access the marketplace, a wider variety of items such as textbooks can be found. Furthermore, this expansion means that students can generally find better deals than they could being limited to the campus website or bulletin boards. Students who are new to Northeastern University can find items they need off-campus and save money. Plus, graduating students or those that have a great deal of items to sell can find a strong marketplace on Explorite.

The classifieds of Explorite open up many opportunities for Northeastern University students by offering another website to find apartments, employment, roommates, car pooling and more. This means finding those who are also attending the university that may want to share rooms or apartments and save money. Explorite also expands the number of opportunities to find those who wish to car pool as well. Students looking for employment can branch out beyond what is posted on campus bulletin boards and official websites by checking out Explorite. Off-campus apartments are certainly one of the biggest opportunities as there often are apartments that are available, but may not be advertised on campus websites. This means that those looking for apartments can check out Explorite to see if any are available. For Northeastern University students, Explorite can be seen another resource in finding what is needed.

The classifieds of Explorite offer new opportunities for Northeastern University students by networking with students from other colleges and universities. While Explorite cannot facilitate purchases, it does act as a communication platform for students who can arrange the terms for buying, selling, trading or sharing items. For more information about Explorite and the services it offers, please visit their website. Registration is free and any college student can join by providing a verifiable email address and appropriate information.

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