According to HSE, no less than five thousand workers lose their lives to asbestos exposure every year. It is required by the UK regulations for the licensed contractors of asbestos clearances Devon and other locations to assess, conduct asbestos surveys Oxfordshire and in other areas, analyse the risks and also offer asbestos management and consultancy services. HSE also puts the duty to manage asbestos on the owners of non-domestic premises as they are accountable for the health and safety of others who work at such premises containing asbestos.


Services offered by asbestos clearances Devon and Oxfordshire companies

Any building which was built or refurbished before the year 2000 may contain asbestos in their construction materials owning to its perceived benefits. However, following the awareness about the carcinogenic elements in asbestos, rules have been implemented to prevent the usage or marketing of any products containing asbestos. Even though the importation and supply has also been banned, many buildings still have asbestos containing materials or ACMs.


This is where a HSE licensed contractor can offer services like asbestos clearances or in any other location. They will conduct a survey and present risk assessment reports. Conducting analytical services in fully equipped mobile laboratories are part of their task. Apart from this, licensed contractors also offer management and consultancy services and undertake asbestos removal projects.


Asbestos surveys Oxfordshire - management and risk assessment

The main purpose of conducting a survey of ACMs is to identify it, assess the extent of damage and then undertake remedial actions or demolitions as per HSE regulations and client’s requirements. A report is also prepared which contains a record of the extent of asbestos present in the building. It is similar to preparing a building plan, only here the focus will be the location of ACMs. Only UKAS accredited surveyors can take up such tasks as asbestos surveys Oxfordshire or in any other location which comes under the purview of the contractor’s area of operations. All surveys are done in compliance with HSE Guidance HSG264 and each surveyor has a BOHS P402 qualification which is the minimum qualification requirement.


Types of surveys conducted during asbestos clearances Devon

There can be two alternatives when it comes to managing asbestos on non-domestic premises — either there has to be clear guidance regarding the continued management or surveying the damage and risk before demolition or removal is done due to the health hazards caused by ACMs. In the second case asbestos clearances Devon can be undertaken for industry owners or home owners who have asbestos in their building after a refurbishment or demolition survey has been conducted. This is an intrusive procedure where all ACMs are located and refurbishment or demolition plans are formed. The CAR 2012 (Regulation 7) requires that all ACMs are removed as per the legislation. In case of managing the presence of asbestos, an Asbestos Register is prepared with all details of the inspection and recommendations, which the clients can refer to for deciding on the removal or refurbishment of ACMs.


As is clear from the discussion above the first step will be asbestos surveys Oxfordshire or in other location which is to be followed by either asbestos clearances Devon or Oxfordshire.


Licensed contractors can offer both asbestos surveys Oxfordshire and asbestos clearances Devon for both domestic and non domestic premises.