Nowadays, with all the technology and all the gadgets, the theft of information can be made with much greater ease. However, SAP customers can now feel relieved due to the fact that SAP security has been improved constantly in the last several years, as a result of their desire to keep the customers satisfied. Either you have mobile applications, or IT applications or any other type, the quality of SAP software and services is now improved by systematic and thorough engineering.


SAP security is designed to decrease and even to annihilate possible risky situations that may put you and your company in a bad position. By complying with all the regulations created by SAP, your partners, assets, employees and information are now at a safe place and you can run your company without having to pay attention to these aspects. Many people may think that SAP is very strict regarding its safety policy, but this is not at all true. When buying a product, you receive a SAP license that has to be activated in order to grant you complete safety. However, SAP also gives some authorizations to clients, meaning that they are allowed to change the software up to a certain point so as to facilitate their work, but they are now allowed to change key elements that the software is based on.


SAP products are used worldwide by a large number of people and organizations. If they buy a SAP license and do not activate it correspondingly, customers risk paying large amounts of money, money that otherwise could be spared and used for other purposes. There are cases when SAP services are purchased excessively, even if the company may not need some of applications from a certain package. For this reason, SAP has come up with a number of solutions to optimize software and licensing. Among these, we can find solutions like identification of duplicate users, detection of idle users, assigning the most suitable SAP license for each field of activity and according to the data that are really used, etc.


Until today, users of SAP did not know many things about licensing and were forced even to guess, in some cases, the type of license they needed. With the help of the right software for SAP Applications, companies can now make the best choices with minimum expenses. In addition to this, the right software for SAP Applications is a helpful tool to predict some scenarios, such as the cost of employing new people and purchase of user named licenses for them or the cost of changing some package licenses. There are some other things that are worth knowing about licenses offered by SAP. According to some classifications, they can be of two types: professional or limited professional. Each of them consists of named users. Each user, in turn, receives an ID. Whether users make use of the ID or not, it’s up to them.


SAP licensing goes hand in hand, as I have already said, with SAP security and GRC in SAP (Governance, Risk, and Compliance). In order to prevent enterprises from having problems with authorities as a result of not complying with all the laws and regulations, SAP has come up with various materials that explain rather clearly its policy and offers multiple examples and solutions for the implementation of security technologies. So, if you have a business and no security software, do not think twice and buy SAP services.


What information do you have about SAP security? Are you willing to pay for a SAP license in order to keep your company away from risks?