When you are searching for a nanny for your child, there are many possibilities out there from where to choose. But you might find it quite stressful to choose because you don’t really know if you can trust the person or if she will really take care of your kid. At ABC Nannies Canada, we offer you the possibility to choose from multiple international nannies. If you want a live in nanny in vancouver, we have it. And we guarantee that we will do our best in finding the right person for the job.


We have a great database with international nannies, having over 1500 applicant yearly. The process through which we choose the nannies is very selective because we want to offer you only the best applicants. Our overseas nannies are available to be placed as live in nannies in vancouver or any other city. A nanny can be recruited on the basis of recommendations of a neighbor, or in the park or on the Internet, but the risks are high. A recruitment agency specialized in nanny services really tests the nanny.


And why choose from the international nannies and not the local ones? On the one hand, the requested salary can be lower. On the other hand, think at the other advantages you will have. If she is not local, she will definitely know at least a foreign language. Thus, your child can learn from his early age another language. And this is a very good thing, because children learn more easily and quickly.


And why choose a live in nanny? If you want a live in nanny in vancouver, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. You must be aware that a stranger is in your home and you must set from the beginning what her responsibilities are. Clearly establish the daily activities of the baby and the hours at which he must have lunch. Have in mind the child’s opinion of the nanny. Be careful on the first date he has with the nanny. If the little one asks about her, if he want to see her again and if he manifests a cheerful mood, it means that she is the right person. If the child is withdrawn in the nanny’s presence and does not want to see her when you tell him the nanny must come, be alarmed and find a solution.


Furthermore, at the ABC Nannies you can find also caregiver services. Based on the situation at home, you can choose between a live in or a live out caregiver. We search for competent persons which can adapt to the environment and which are emotionally mature. If you want to find out more about the services we provide, check out our website. We offer you valuable information but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

International nannies are very popular nowadays. Hire a live in nanny in vancouver after a process of selection between the candidates we choose for you, matching their profile with your requirements.