Many people might be undecided about the type of flooring they should install in their homes and even in their commercial space. The truth is that there are several possibilities these days, including cork floors. There are many benefits and many considerations that make this type of floor an excellent choice. It all starts with the material from where it comes from and up to the properties it brings and how much it will contribute to the comfort of a living space. And since homeowners want to have a designs and colours to choose from, you should know from the start that cork tiles will not disappoint in any aspect.


The first consideration is the natural source of cork floors. Instead of cutting down trees, the material results from the oak tree’s bark. After being peeled, the oak will grow back in about 10 years and afterwards, new materials can be obtained. This features cork within the list of renewable resources and unfortunately, the list is not very long. In the flooring industry, it seems that cork tiles are making a comeback and it is for a good reason actually. After installing the floor, you will notice that the air quality is a lot better. This is thanks to the process of manufacturing and due to the fact that cork is not a proper environment for mould deposits, dust, or allergens.


Many homeowners are interested about costs when they review floorings and they want to find out which option will help them save money on bills. It is good to know that cork floors have thermal insulating properties, meaning a room will not lose heat and even after you install the floor, once you step on it, you will feel like it is actually carpeted. This also brings us to the comfort aspect, as this is highly important and should not be overlooked. Homes should be welcoming, cosy, and warm and the right type of floor can assure all of these.


Just start imagining how you would like the floor in your home to be. For sure you want it to be soft, to be luxurious, stylish, and to reflect the overall decor. In the same time, you don’t want to stay everyday maintaining it, but you crave for soft touches, for high comfort and for a quiet and relaxing environment. Now you can have everything you desire, even increased durability, no matter if you have children running inside the house or pets as well. Cork tiles are durable, easy to maintain and they can be chosen to match your exact preferences, starting with lighter and softer tones up to darker ones.


The good news is that nowadays you can easily find cork tiles and shopping is even more convenient when you look online. Reputable and reliable companies are at your disposal, ready to take in your orders and offer you the ideal cork floors. Not to mention that you can always look online for ideas and see exactly what colour or pattern would fit best in your own home.


Do you want to embrace a more environmental friendly type of flooring? Now you can easily have cork floors in any room. With the wide variety of cork tiles to choose from, it is even hard to make a decision.