Anaheim, CA — April 27, 2015 – There is nothing as hurting and as painful as a tooth ache. Why am I experiencing a toothache after a visit to the dentist? This is ridiculous! Filling is a specialized process that is carried out to fill the empty cavities of the teeth. This is a painful procedure that is only done after a generous application of anesthetic.

Justifications for Pain

The utmost justification for this pain is pulpitis. This is simply the sensitivity of the teeth to pressure, hotness or coldness after it has undergone the filling process. For some, pain is experienced when taking sweet foods.

Types of Pain

There are various pains that are experienced by those who have undergone refilling. For instance, there is a sudden pain when biting. This becomes worse after the medical anesthetic wears off. The filing then sends inflammatory signals to the nerves which causes the sharp and sudden pain. In most cases, it is advisable for the patient to go back to the dentist for a reshape.

Nevertheless, pain can be felt when the teeth touch with each other. This is normal as the silver fillings come into contact with the crowns. This pain is in most cases passive as it is supposed to clear off after a short period of time. However, a visit to the dentist is recommended should it fail to subside.

Furthermore, a person may experience continuous tooth aches after the filling. This is normal in instances where the decay was too deep and very close to the tooth pulp. This means that the patients must obtain root canal treatment.

Where to get help

Cases of hurting and paining teeth after a refill have become very common. It is thus important to visit a competent and experienced dentist to get the relief that is mandatory for healthy living. At 7 Day Dental, we specialize in providing quality dental care for all our patients. Our dentists are well qualified to handle all sorts of problems ranging from tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, bleeding of the gum, filling and reshaping. Furthermore, we also specialize in dental education such as dental hygiene and tooth cleaning techniques.
So what makes us different?


Our core objective is to provide excellent dental care through treatment. The dedication of our staff ensures that quality is the overriding objective of the dental unit. They work around the clock to ensure that proper dental care and comfort is achieved.


Our team is fully trained to deal with any situation. A vast experience depicts that we are suited in restoring the patients long lost dental comfort. We are also able to deal with any emergency situation.

Modern Equipment

Proper dental care entails the use of modern and up to date dental machines. At 7 Day Dental in Orange County, we deliver our excellent services by use of top notch technology. This ensures that quality meets comfort and patient happiness taken to greater heights.

Good oral health equates to comfort and healthy lifestyle. Our fundamental objective is to guarantee our patients their wellbeing. With low fees and rates, we have made dental care; treatment and hygiene extremely inexpensive and thus accessible to many persons in need 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sunday. Simply give us a call at 866-989-1335 any time.

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