06, February 2016: As the new-generation city vehicles, Airwheel intelligent scooters have attracted so many consumers who love revolutionary and comfortable city travels. Indeed, the popularity of Airwheel intelligent scooters comes from the fact that consumers and Airwheel intelligent scooters attract each other.


Consumers attract Airwheel intelligent scooters because Airwheel is a user oriented enterprise which aims to provide the best products to consumers. So, concerning different user groups, Airwheel has designed different models to satisfy these differential needs. For people who love extreme sports Airwheel designed the M3 electric skateboards which are coveted equipment to skateboarders. For people who love cross-country driving, Airwheel presented them the S6 electric scooters—the most powerful products in Airwheel family. For those who want an elegant and tiny companion by their sides, Airwheel designed the A3 sitting-posture intelligent scooters which are the family members in Airwheel family with both elegant and sporty features.

Also because of the user-oriented principle, Airwheel developed many user-friendly functions in its products. For example, in Airwheel A3 sitting-posture self-balancing scooter, Airwheel developed the smart phone APP which integrates many functions like data recording, wireless switches of function modules, and GPS location function; in Airwheel M3 electric skateboards Airwheel adds the remote control function with which riders can control the vehicles by just tilting the joystick on the remote controller; on Airwheel S6 electric scooters, Airwheel designed the seats which free riders hands for other affairs. The needs of consumers attract Airwheel in designing products. And all these user-friendly and user-oriented functions and features of Airwheel products


Of course the user-oriented principles only make Airwheel intelligent scooters satisfy consumers’ needs. There are features of its products which are beyond consumers’ expectations. In designing the appearances of its products, Airwheel insists on adopting the elements appearing in scientific fictions and movies, like S6 with the inspirations of Wall-E. Also Airwheel never stops predicting the future trends of city vehicles, like the Cloud technologies applied in its products.

Because of the user-oriented principles, Airwheel developed the electric scooters attracting consumers. And also because of the user-oriented principles, Airwheel will lead the industry in the future.

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