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Summer-Willow Fitch of Philadelphia has taken bartending to another level.

After 12 years as an accomplished mixologist at some of Philly’s top establishments, she has taken her show on the road. Fitch travels around the country, offering bartending courses, management consultations and plenty of advice. In addition, she writes a regular love and relationships blog (“Hearts and Hangovers”) for

Her newest project is a book entitled Hearts & Hangovers:100 Love Cures & Cocktails if All Else Fails. It’s a compilation of her memoirs from the past 12 years plus some favorite mixed drink recipes.

“Whenever a patron was unsure of what they wanted to drink, I would have the opportunity to concoct a tasty recipe, spark interesting conversation and garner a great tip for my efforts,” said Fitch, 36. “I also consider myself an arm-chair therapist; offering my best advice and recipes to soothe my sometimes troubled and inquisitive patrons. “

Fitch previously was an instructor for Philadelphia's noted learning community, The Mt. Airy Learning Tree, where she taught 'Making Martinis and Margaritas.'

“My mantra for love is ‘Listen with your eyes and speak to what you see.’ I watch my customer's body language and initially take little account of what they say and I attempt to feel what is wrong. If one of my regulars says they are ‘good’ but with a frown, I know it’s time for intensive listening and observation.”

“I have given advice on everything from self esteem to coping with heartache, morphing my customer relationships into lasting friendships.”

Self-publishing can be expensive so Fitch has turned to Indiegogo in an effort to generate the $7,000 needed for publishing, distribution, marketing and promotion of the book. Her Indiegogo page can be viewed at

Donations of any level are appreciated. For pledges of $20 or more, backers will receive perks, such as e-books, autographed hardcover books, T-shirts and acknowledgement in the book. For $300, Fitch will collaborate with the contributor on a new drink recipe and publish it on her website.

Any funds that exceed her budget will be used for a book tour, mixology classes, and love and relationship forums.

“I’ve got some great stories and drink recipes to share,” said Fitch, “so I know that this book is going to be a big hit.”

For further information, visit or Fitch's website, . You can also see her Facebook Page at

She can be reached directly at [email protected]

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