Which Happy Wheels character is your favorite? A lot of people has been asking it and they always come up with different answers for various reasons. Agatha Sheldon claims that her favorite is Wheelchair Guy. “He is pretty hard to control but once you get the hang of it, he could get pretty past, especially with his boosters. I also like the fact that he is good at staying alive.” Sidney Christie, on the other hand, says he like Irresponsible Dad. “He could stop, he is lightweight, and he goes at a relatively decent speed. His kid is pretty useful too, especially when arrows are shot behind him.”

“Segway Man all the way,” exclaims Jenny Kimwell. “He seems like the Jack of all Trades for me. He can jump high, he could go at a fast speed, and he shops pretty well. All you need to do is keep your balance because once you lose it, his legs would crumble.” However, Aubrey Rae thinks that Segway Man’s female counterpart, Effective Shopper, is better because she could jump high and could destroy easily along her way. Just be careful with the balance because she is obese. Try her out at http://happywheels.us.com/.”