05 June, 2014: White gold engagement rings are among the favourite pieces to design for an entirely new generation of jewellers which has been shaking up the market in recent years, a Malaysian newspaper reports.

According to the New Straits Times, these younger designers have been having a considerable impact on the market as a whole, to the extent where high street retailers are slowly but surely beginning to forgo classic ‘big-brand’ names in favour of these lesser-known starters. Independent designer pieces are thought to appeal to sophisticated young women who connect with the ‘runway appeal’ most of these jewels exhibit.

Stylists quoted by the article in question explained that this new generation of consumers is defined by their willingness to take risks. Whether it be shopping for white gold engagement rings online, deriving inspiration from other people’s Instagram posts or gambling on a little-known designer, this younger demographic is irredeemably shifting the paradigm for the jewellery market — according to some of the sources quoted for the better.

The appeal of the new group of jewellers does not, however, stop at a few brave souls among the ‘hoi-polloi’. Certain celebrities have jumped on board with these up-and-coming designers as well, and have been unafraid to exhibit their pieces in runway and red-carpet appearances. Examples of public names who endorsed this new generation of jewellers include actress Jessica Biel, Portia de Rossi, Lea Michelle and Los Angeles stylist Estee Stanley. These names will undoubtedly contribute to spread the name of this new wave of jewellery designers even further, and may prove invaluable for the careers of many of these young creative men and women.

White gold engagement rings have, unlike many other types of jewellery, managed to retain their appeal throughout the generations. They are considered to give a classic and sophisticated look which continues to be appreciated by many brides and grooms to this day.

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