Whipped cream chargers are an attachment to a whipped cream dispenser and are filled with nitrous oxide. This nitrous oxide gas, which is popularly known as “laughing gas” is utilised as a means to produce a foaming property in whatever item it is applied to. Of course, we are talking about a cream that is just so wonderful and comforting when the cream chargers are done with it.

The containers that house this nitrous oxide gas come in the form of small cylinders made of steel, which are at the most about two and a half inches long. Do not be fooled by the small size of these power packed beauties because they are fashioned in such a way, so as to endure with ease, a great amount of pressure through which the gas is released, and the foaming effect is produced. Though these small cylinders are not refillable, they are, however completely and easily recyclable by programs that recycle steel.

Whipped cream chargers are very important to European culinary sensibilities. This is the continent from where these innovative cream chargers originated. These small cylinders are filled with about eight grams of nitrous oxide gas, which makes it clear that each made for the purpose of either very low-intensity regular use, or in general very less use. Normally, for an unfussy cooking enthusiast, one steel cylinder of nitrous oxide should last for about a few weeks to a month. But for bustling culinary aficionados who make extensive use of their cream dispenser, about three to four cylinders can be used up in a day. For large quantity production of whipped cream, not unlike industrial preparation of whipped cream where the production output is about ten litres per hour, there are arrangements with integrated tank systems that allow optimum pressure conditions for the nitrous oxide to make foam out of normal cream.

The process through which nitrous oxide is released by the cream chargers into the cream dispenser to make that lovely sweet smelling whipped cream works on the phenomena that when the released nitrous oxide gas interacts with the fat of the cream inside the dispenser, it produces in it the foamy property. The minimum level of fat that the cream should have is about twenty-eight percent. If you opt for cream lesser than this, it will not produce the desired results. Needless to say, it will not be a pretty sight either. A charged whipped cream dispenser can be stored and kept in a refrigerator for at least two days. Nitrous oxide in itself is a gas that inhibits the activity of bacteria and therefore lends a slighter longer shelf value to the whipped cream. The cream chargers are discharged into the dispenser, and the magic of nitrous oxide dissolving itself in the lard and the grease of the cream is set into play.

By using a good cream charger, you can jazz up your daily coffee or a homemade dessert into something fancy, almost effortlessly.

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