11, March 2016: A leading booking company called Celebrity Speakers has just released a fun new infographic for the US election. The image helps to shed some light on which musical acts are supporting each leading candidate this year. People who’ve seen the infographic were surprised to learn how many artists are taking part in election campaigns this year. Which bands and artists are supporting who? Let’s take a look.

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Hillary Clinton

Some of the biggest acts to show their support for Hillary Clinton this year include 50 Cent, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. However, plenty more have also offered their assistance including Jon Bon Jovi, Cher and Elton John. Other artists worthy of a mention are Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett, John Legend and Morrisey. It’s unclear whether or not this support will help Hillary to win the election race. The only certainty is that Stevie Wonder, Kanye West and Barbra Streisand have their fingers crossed!

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders might not have gained as much media coverage as some of his competitors. However, he’s certainly not lacking when it comes to gaining support from superstar musicians. Some of the artists backing Sanders include Neil Young, Roger Waters, Dave Matthews and Jackson Browne. He’s also seen waves of support from Belinda Carlisle, Billy Bragg and Gerry Beckley. Recent news articles suggest Sanders is performing almost as well as Trump this election. Let’s wait and see if that celebrity support pushes him to victory.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has used savvy media campaigns to ensure he achieves more coverage than anyone else this election. Even so, he hasn’t seen as much support from musicians as he might have hoped. Ted Nugent recently said that “Donald Trump is as close as you’ll get to Ted Nugent in politics.” A few days later, Kid Rock announced that he was “digging Donald Trump” in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

The full infographic is available for anyone to see here: http://visual.ly/politics-music

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