China - As the commonly used equipments in the industry of electrical board, the SMT Chip Mounter operator should always face with the mechanical failure and other greatly wear and tear of its main components. In order to let each Wholesale SMT Machines Spare Parts user know more about all crucial parts of this machine which will be easily broken, today, the professional engineer from famous China Wholesale SMT Machines Spare Parts supplier QY-SMT will introduce with people all of these easily broken parts and their working features.

The first crucial part should be the SMT Electronics Nozzles which will easy take place the situations of deformation, congestion, damage, lack of vacuum pressure and leaking. All of these factors will cause into the insufficient suction, reclaiming errors and other seriously conditions. The solution for this problem is very easy. It requires the technician¡¯s daily inspection for equipment and they must test the center area of SMT NOZZLE and clearly clean the nozzle. On the other hand, the whole structure of this part needs to be regularly maintained by the operator.

Second, the tension of the spring of this part is insufficient and then the Hold and the SMT Nozzle will be operated at the uncoordinated situation which will cause into the adverse reclaimer. The solution for this condition is very easy people should regularly take the maintenance, inspection and replacement of these wearing parts.

Thirdly, the deformation of HOLD, SHAFT or PISTON, nozzle bending and nozzle will easily cause into the adverse reclaimer. People need to regularly check these parts. If there is something wrong with these parts, people should replace all of these components.

Fourthly, the dirty if vacuum valves and vacuum filter and the blockage of vacuum tube will let the vacuum sucking devices could not have the enough pressure and the running speed of the machine will be reduced. In this case, the situation of insufficient reclaimer will appear . The solution for this situation should be that the technician need to be required to clean the SMT Nozzle at each day and they should also regularly maintain the equipment based on their initial schedule.

Fifthly, if the positioning the machine is not at the commonly level and angle with the ground, the vibrations of the machine will be very huge and then the resonance between the machine with FEEDER will cause into the adverse reclaimer. The solution for this problem is also the same with all factors above. That should be regularly maintaining the equipment and inspect the level fixed support nut.

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