So you are looking for some excitement for a weekend and want to break away to a place that does not remind you of the concrete jungle you have to face every day. You live in Johannesburg or Pretoria or even Nelspruit and do not want to spend a lot of time on the road to get to a beautiful destination. You are looking to spend some time in a place that has some qualities of popular destinations, like Cape Town, but do not want to spend as much money on getting there. Look no further than Hartbeespoort dam and a gorgeous Hartbeespoort dam resort. A Hartbeespoort dam resort can bring you just as much, if not more, relaxation and excitement as any other place in South Africa. Where to stay in Hartbeespoort dam is also not a difficult issue to address as there are countless places to book, countless options regarding accommodation and many methods of making these bookings.

If you work through a travel agent, they will most probably refer you to some of the more expensive Hartbeespoort dam resort options, but where to stay Hartbeespoort dam should be up to you and should fit your tastes, wants and needs. You should decide whether you want an adventurous breakaway or just a tranquil weekend and then reach a final decision. You will be able to choose from camping grounds, chalets in the woods, five star hotels and even luxury tents. Where to stay Hartbeespoort dam is up to you and your family. Try and stay close to the activities you most enjoy or, if you have a car, stay further out into the woods for a better setting. You will find that most routes you take are scenic routes, so you will not get bored of the views.

Staying in the Hartbeespoort dam area can give you the holiday you deserve without you having to travel to the ends of the earth. This area is only an hour (an hour and a half maximum) out of Johannesburg and 45 minutes from the capital, Pretoria. It is thus perfect for a weekend away.

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