Ever since someone became aware of the fact that we tend to watch our step when we walk or to pay attention to our surrounding when we have to wait, a new concept was created. This concept has more to do with marketing than the functionality or aesthetic purposes of a custom rug and it consists in gracing the floors of the company in strategically chosen spots with custom rugs so as to build on the brand identity of the company. Where to strategically place it so as to draw the most attention to your logo, thus creating a long lasting impression for your potential customers, throughout this article.


It is said that in order to be successful in life, one has to pay attention to small details rather than to larger ones, and not only that, but also to the things that one encounters on a daily basis rather than to unknown and abstract concepts. That lesson also works in business and it is a lesson by which the marketing department makes a living. For small companies that have just started for instance, not having the money to afford an elaborate marketing campaign can be quite a drawback but by employing simple and efficient means of promoting their brand, they can help build their brand identity in a cost effective manner and with minimum effort.


Custom rugs can be a way to draw the attention of potential customers if placed strategically in spots with traffic, where it is likely to attract the eye while they wait, for instance. A custom rug that has a smart and striking logo placed in the center will make people want to remember your products, given their quality is just as impressive as your attention to details.  Not only that, but it will also draw their attention to your company’s values. If their first impression of your company is a positive one, they are likely to remember your products when seeing your logo again and maybe recommend it to their friends, thus strengthening your company’s brand identity.


Where to place these rugs in order to draw the most attention? The corporate lobby for instance, is a great spot to display the company logo with pride. Paying attention to the quality of the rug will also prove to them that you value quality over cheapness and pay attention to what you are offering your clients. Don’t forget, first impressions are the ones that last.


Also, if your company is the host of an important event, displaying your logo rug at the entrance will give the event a special touch and your guests, a closer look into your company’s attention to the small things.

Interested in purchasing a custom rug for your company, check out our website; Custom rugs should make a statement and you will want that statement to reflect your company’s values. Potential customers will thus be left with a positive first impression and you will be left with a strong brand that speaks for itself. Don’t waste this opportunity and think smart.