For women who are afflicted with medical conditions that are unique to their physiology, finding the best woman’s doctor is paramount to getting the proper treatment. For many women, fully understanding the condition they may have requires a proper diagnosis from a trained, experienced expert in the field of Incontinence, Hysterectomy, Cystocele, and Prolapse. Dr. Sherry Thomas is that professional.

Dr. Sherry Thomas, Urogynecologist and Surgeon, MD, MPH, FACOG has years of experience in successfully treating specific conditions that afflict her female patients. Dr. Thomas has become world renowned for her skill and expertise in treating these serious medical conditions:


For many women, especially those who have given birth, incontinence can be a real issue. Incontinence is the uncontrolled leaking of urine from the bladder, a condition that is more likely to occur in older women and is different than the incontinence experienced by children. In this particular case, treatments that range from exercise and medications to surgery are recommended.


This condition occurs when the wall between the bladder and vagina is torn by childbirth, which causes the bladder to actually herniate into the vagina area. Cystocele can be painful and cause discomfort when trying to empty the bladder and cause a number of other symptoms as well. Women who are approaching menopause are more likely to suffer from this condition.


The condition of uterine prolapsed is where the pelvic organs of the female descend from their normal position and protrude into or even through the vagina area. Prolapse is a condition that can happen to women of all ages, though it most commonly occurs to women who have delivered large babies or had exceedingly long periods of labor.

The uterus is not the only organ subject to prolapse as the rectum or urinary bladder may also change in location as well. While prolapsed is rarely painful, it can lead to symptoms in the urinary tract or bowel area. While minor prolapse events can be treated with exercise to strengthen the supporting muscles, major events of prolapsed need reconstructive surgery with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Sherry Thomas .


This is the surgical removal of the uterus, which may include the body, cervix, and fundus that is often called a “complete” hysterectomy or a partial one that leaves the cervix in place. Either way, a hysterectomy is a major operation that creates great changes in a woman’s body. A hysterectomy is sometimes considered a last resort measure after all other treatments have failed. For many women, however, a hysterectomy is an optional surgery for reasons related to birth control or hormonal issues.

Life Changing Moments

In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Thomas has become world recognized for her charity organization “Life Changing Moments” which brings her skills along with others to Africa where women can receive the same level of medical care as they do in the Western world. Dr. Thomas’ remarkable charity work has garnered her worldwide attention for her noble efforts.

For women who may have serious, hard case, or difficult to treat conditions of prolapse, a cystocele, and incontinence to name a few, getting the very best diagnosis and expert treatment by a top rated surgeon is vital to the protection of your health. Seeking out the best woman’s doctor is the first step towards the recovery of your health. Dr. Sherry Thomas has certainly demonstrated her skills, knowledge and experience for women both here in the US and in Africa.

About Sherry Thomas, MD.

Dr. Sherry Thomas has received top ratings and reviews for her work over the past 30 Years. Dr. Thomas is Board Certified with a Subspecialty Boarded in Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery. She also has advanced surgical skills in Robotics and Non-Invasive/Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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