Shengzhen - With the changing of the international economy environment and the fierce condition of the domestic competition, the wholesale clothing business has had a great decreasing. The sales of the Apparel Wholesale industry in this year have been less than 50% of previous years. This huge dropping has made so many shopkeepers of wholesale Clothing powerless. The Styles of clothes in this year are very popular but the business of it has been in the unprecedented bad condition. 

Today, we will display with you the decreasing of the traditional wholesale clothing market and the new breakthrough of this industry which is the online clothing shops who are sell the cheap online clothing.The mode constant a wholesale market will face closure. All of us would know that the garment industry in coastal areas had started early and they had the mature size and its own design and production team. 

The majority of secondary Wholesale Clothing owners in the mainland were generally wholesaled the clothes from the coastal areas apparel wholesaler and then back to the mainland to sell the cloth. If the secondary wholesaler had found the hot selling style of the cloth, they would directly produce them in the local factory. That was the traditional mode for the wholesale clothing business. This kind of mode had prolonged for many years. 

This old fashioned mode would not fit into the development of the apparel wholesale in the future. The rising of the mainland secondary wholesale markets, high-speed development of the e-business and the developing of the clothing brand has decreased the turnover of the clothes for women market. 

We have learned from some manufacturers that as soon as the manufacturers of Guangzhou had received the contract and then they needed at least five days before the goods were delivered to the hands of customers. But the wholesalers in the secondary market at mainland were generally own the goods with a certain number. And the time from production to shipping to the customer hands was only two days. No matter the cost or speed, the wholesalers at the coastal area are not good as the secondary market. 

So what is the breakthrough of the main market at the coastal areas? The e-business would be the new methods for the traditional industry. We take the loveinclothing for example. It is a famous online wholesale clothing shop who is focus on the Asian fashion wholesale and clothes for women. They had a huge changing from the tradition business mode to the e-business. 

And this changing had massed their profit for a short period of time. If you want to learn more about, you could search their official website .The online shop and business would become the most popularity trend in the future. Not only the clothes for women but also each industry in our daily life will all depends on the e-business. our food, our clothing, our transportation and each area in our life would all rely on the e-business in the future.

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