INCLINE VILLAGE (LAKE TAHOE), NEVADA, May 21, 2015— After suffering a near death brain aneurysm and associated stroke, California Senator Omer Rains was told by his physicians that “You’ll never walk again.” Rains had been a politician on the global stage, a power-broking lawyer of A-list celebrities, and conqueror of some of the highest mountains in the world. But when the paralyzing aneurysm and stroke hit him at age 61, he became more helpless than a small child. In his Bestseller, Back to the Summit, Rains takes readers on a courageous journey toward recovery, both physical and spiritual, as he reflects on the people, events, and American history that shaped his life and gave him the strength to dare to walk again. Every flashback to the past offers insight into the philosophy that once saved his life and now defines his every action: “Get up from every fall, no matter how great or far, and continue to live life fully.” Those who have suffered physical trauma may find hope in his story; their loved ones may gain insight and understanding. And any reader who has ever faced a mountain of a setback will be inspired to keep on fighting to live again. Back to the Summit takes us on a journey toward physical and spiritual recovery that reminds us that anything is possible.

“I first met Omer Rains on Mount Everest in 1995. At age 55, he was remarkably fit. Seven years later, while seemingly still active and fit, Omer was unexpectedly struck down by a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke. Only through a series of miracles and intense personal willpower was he able to survive and later recover. I am Nepalese—a Sherpa—and Omer’s inspirational and heroic story of recovery is a moving one both in my native land of Nepal and in other countries where he does untold humanitarian work. Today, Omer retains his ties to Nepal through frequent visitations as Chairman of READ Global which built the library in which I received my own education, including my ability to read and write in English. He is one of my heroes. This book is a must read for anyone with a loved one who has ever suffered a near death experience.”
-Kaji Sherpa, Former Holder of World Record – Fastest Ascent in History of Mount Everest.

First elected to the Senate in 1974, Rains subsequently served three terms prior to running for the Office of Attorney General of California.  His Senate District included over a million and a half people in the Central Coast area of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rains served as Chairman of the Senate Majority Caucus (the youngest in State history), as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Political Reform, and as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  At the same time, he served in numerous other Senate and State leadership positions. Senator Rains, recognized as one of the nation’s leading environmentalists, was the principal architect of California’s container deposit legislation (commonly known as the “Bottle Bill”). He also served as Chairperson of the Joint Legislative Committee on Legal Equality, at that time the only Legislative Committee in the United States established to deal solely with promoting the rights of women.

As stated by a former U.S. Presidential candidate “Omer Rains…has left us with a legacy of legislative and humanitarian achievements that few of his generation can match.”

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