For many men, women and children around the world, contact lenses have proven to be a wonderful alternative to wearing glasses. Contact lenses are an easy and convenient way through which a person can enjoy a good vision. With contact lenses, the days in which you must wear glasses are numbered. Many people have noted that they feel good about themselves and they feel better about their appearance when they put away the glasses in favor of contact lenses. They recommend anyone to buy contact lenses because of the many advantages they present. Acuvue contact lenses especially are very popular among contact lenses wearers due to their characteristics.


Although there are, indeed, many benefits that come with wearing Acuvue contact lenses, you should remember that the use and wearing of contact lenses is serious. The use of contact lenses is not something that should be taken for a joke - although many people do it. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the way they use and wear contact lenses. It is not rare for a person to obtain a prescription for contact lenses but then not to return to medical observation for a long period of time. In fact, many people only return to consult after years.


In reality, if a person wants to be sure that they maintain eye health, it is important for them to go to a medical examination at an optometrist’s office at least once a year. The need for these tests applies to all, even if they wear contact lenses or not. The need for an eye checkup increases significantly if a person wears contact lenses.


Although many people do not follow this advice, if a person is to wear contact lenses, an annual eye checkup is not optional - it is a requirement. While most of the times a person’s experiences with contact lenses are positive, there may be serious health consequences due to wearing contact lenses. Diseases of the eye and damage can happen without much warning and can have devastating long-term consequences. Discovering disease and eye damage by qualified personnel will be an additional assurance that the person will not suffer serious and permanent damage.


Increasingly more people are wearing contact lenses, but not everyone knows how to use and especially clean them properly. Here are some tips on how to keep them clean as much as possible and on how to protect your eyes from various diseases. The base rule when using contact lenses is that you have to respect the rules of hygiene: touch the contact lenses and eyes only after you have washed your hands; change the cleaning solution in the container in which you keep the lenses daily; do not put the lenses into water; wear them only as long as your eye doctor recommended you; do not go swimming with mounted lenses unless they are disposable lenses that you can throw away after; the risk of corneal irritation may be reduced if for a day or two you replace contact lenses with eyeglasses; present yourself at least once a year to the ophthalmologist for a diopter and lens control; wetting contact lenses is very important, use quality solutions and regular eye drops.



In conclusion, if a person chooses to buy contact lenses, regular checks should be part of the annual routine of that person. Acuvue contact lenses make no exception.