When parents would like the absolute best for their children's health and happiness, they will need to schedule regular dental exams as often as possible so that these specialists can provide the services that will be necessary for a straight, vibrant, and healthy smile. No matter how careful a family is with their own oral health at home, there are a number of health conditions that can possibly develop that just cannot be treated without the help of an experienced dentist. This includes malocclusion, a misalignment of one's smile that can lead to a wide array of health conditions if it is left untreated.

During a child's first few years of life, the foundation for their oral health as well as the appearance of their smile will be laid. This includes the healthy development of baby teeth and then the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth. If there are any serious health problems during this period such as periodontal disease, impacted teeth, or severe tooth deterioration, the teeth may come in misaligned or in the inappropriate position. Kids that have immediate family members that have been diagnosed with malocclusion will also be at a very high risk of developing this condition themselves.

Parents should right away seek out professional treatment if they notice that a child is experiencing pain in or around their mouth, if their child's smile is overcrowded, if there are too many teeth, if there are major gaps, or if any teeth are beginning to push up against one another. Even though some may believe that this is more of a cosmetic issue, patients that do not have their malocclusion treated will be at a very high risk of dental fractures, an uneven bite pattern, and issues with their neck and jaws.

Traditional metal braces remain one of the most effective treatment options for individuals that would like to permanently restore the appearance and function of their smile. These are posts that are attached directly to the front or back of the teeth and then attached to one another with a metal wire. The dentist will tighten the metal wire at regular intervals, applying a slight amount of pressure to the teeth. This pressure will gradually pull the teeth back into alignment over the course of the coming months.

Most of these treatments will permanently realign the patient's smile for the rest of their life. The dentist may suggest the use of retainers or other treatment options as the child grows older to maintain their straight new smile. Even though the braces are on the child's teeth, parents and their children should strictly adhere to the aftercare instructions that have been provided to them including brushing, flossing if possible, and refraining from foods that may damage the braces.

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