is a recently launched social network based on microblogging that let its users record and track their feelings, doings and concerns while sharing them with their friends and the world. The data collected is used to take the world's pulse and to present the big picture with maps, charts and clouds.

Ever wondered how the world is feeling? What people on the planet are doing? What are their concerns? How current events affect all that? Or maybe you'd like to be more in touch on how your buddies are doing? Well, that's exactly what Winkio's worldwide experiment is all about: you share your pulse, you care about your buddies, and we all take the pulse of the world!

You let the world know what‘s up with you by sharing your pulse and answering 3 questions: how you are feeling, what you are doing and what you‘re concerned about.

Becoming a member and being part of the Winkio community allows you to know what's up with your buddies and get alerted when they are feeling bad or good.

You can also react and express your feelings about the world‘s news selected in the social news section. For each headline, you choose how it makes you feel and can add a comment to give more details. If you're a member then your reactions to the news will appear along your pulses, your buddies will see it and react themselves to the news or to your thoughts about them.

Based on what users share, Winkio also comes up with a few [whacky] links between our feelings, doings and concerns: the « fun facts of the world ». That's how you'll learn that people are as happy when they are faking work than when they are actually working. Or that they might very well be faking work while being concerned by their personal finances.

This worldwide experiment makes sense as the Winkio community grows and you earn points when you contribute to taking the pulse of the world. You have a rank based on your amount of points: citizen, representative, senator, governor or ambassador of your country! The idea behind this is to organize fun events involving the most active people on Winkio and to allow members to exchange points for gifts.

Go check out the Winkio experiment and contribute to taking the pulse of the world. Register for free, invite your friends and know what's up with them. And start the race for the Winkio ambassador title in your country!