What's the best business phone service? If you're planning to begin a new business, it is important that you retain your company attached to your customers and clients. One of the best methods of stay connected is to subscribe to a business phone service that is certainly more than just a telephone line, but something that will give you additional functions to communicate efficiently.

But exactly how do you find the best business phone service provider? To help you out, below are some factors that you might want to consider:


First consider, what features do you want in a business phone service apart from being able to make and receive calls? You might want to consider a virtual PBX system as it includes features like auto-attendant, internet fax, business voicemail, call forwarding, corporate directory, and others. This is often normally a part of business VoIP packages.


What you need to look for is a provider that could give you the most benefits at the cheapest cost. As said above, you might like to consider VoIP packages as compared with traditional telephone lines. The fact is, you can find VoIP plans out there that give you unlimited calling at less than $30 each month. If you only need only one line for your company and do not need unlimited calling, there are also VoIP plans that lets you choose between a toll-free number or a local number. You can also add multiple extensions for free or at minimal cost.

Additionally, VoIP and virtual PBX systems do not require you to buy expensive hardware to install the system. Instead, you'll just be charged with a monthly fee from the business phone service provider.


The ideal business phone service takes every possible precaution to safeguard your call and your transmissions from third party intruders who can use information from intercepted calls against your company.

Most VoIP providers employ high-end encryption to protect calls and data transmissions. Each provider employs their own encryption methods, so do not expect to get details on them as those are usually highly classified.

Encryption, though, won't make your phone system invincible but at this time, it is the best method of protection out there and you would have to be an expert to hack it.


The perfect business phone service should lessen your worries and not add to it. If you are constantly worrying concerning the reliability of your phone system, then it is not the phone service for you. Check their history of outages and see how they solved the problem.

Customer service

After sales support should always be an important element of your provider's service. You need to be able to rely on them for support if you are having problems with the phone system. Research reviews about the customer service of your prospective provider and find out if they are able to provide satisfactory response to customer queries and concerns in a timely manner.

Don't select the first business phone provider that approaches you. Perform the proper research and weigh your options properly before deciding on the best business phone service for your company.

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