14, October 2015: It is well-known that smartphones have already been widely spread among the public and indeed bring a great convenience to their life. What they are not well aware of, however, is that smartphones which used to just a means of communication nowadays are gradually enslaving them. And its disadvantages, to some degree, outweigh its advantages. This article, in the following paragraphs, will inform their readers of how an Airwheel electric scooter could bridge the gap caused by the overly use of smartphones in one’s life.


First of all, the overly use of smartphones stolen its users’ attention. Smartphones have been gradually updated since its advent, and they have been equipped with various kinds of apps which enable its users to do anything online or offline. A great amount of us become phone addicts and couldn’t resist their temptation to check their social forum now and then not to miss a message, some of which even take their phones to bed. What a pity! What is really important to their life has been indifferently ignored. All their attention has been focused on their phones which have no feelings for the world. Fortunately, an Airwheel self-balancing scooter is a kind of means of transportation which could bring pleasures to its users’ life in a totally different way just like phones. More importantly, a scooter could get its riders much closer to nature and return to the essence of one’s life.


In addition, smartphones are kind of devices which stole time from us because there are many kinds downloaded game apps which would occupy a great amount of time of their users. Differing from smartphones, Airwheel intelligent scooters are sort of devices which would definitely save a considerable amount of time for their riders, especially in rush hours, due to the traffic congestions.

If anyone misses the essence of life, get yourself an electric scooter.

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