Everyone knows that wonderful, enjoyable feeling you get when you step out of the shower, whether you’re getting ready to greet the world for one more day, or getting ready to cuddle up after a long day and shut the world off. Stepping out of the shower you feel clean, you feel refreshed, and in a sense you can even feel purified. But what are you to do if your water isn’t as clean as you think it is? Your shower water doesn’t have to be brown or black to be contaminated by different substances, but if it isn’t colored you probably won’t know that something is wrong. Keep reading to see how you can test your water with water filter faucets to see how clean it actually is, and find out where you can buy water filter housings.


You might think that it doesn’t matter if your tap water isn’t completely pure or clean. You’ve been using it to wash yourself and cook your meals for years, so why start fearing for your health now? You might be a little more cautious if you have children, but still most people will avoid dealing with the issue of protecting their health by using water filters. What you need to know is that, even though the water flowing in your home passes through a treatment plant before getting to you, it still doesn’t get cleaned 100%. Some chemicals still remain, and whether they end up affecting you directly, or whether they end up affecting a member of your family depends a lot on your particular sensibilities. The question is: are you okay with taking that kind of a risk not only on your behalf, but on the behalf of your family?


You might want to test your water before committing to purchasing a bigger and more expensive water filter for your home, to see if you really need it, and if using a filter will allow you to see noticeable differences in water quality. Large systems can be quite expensive, and you can end up paying as much for water filter housings for larger installations than you would on entire filters, but smaller in size. The most advantageous water filter housings start at just under $50, and the larger versions—like the Jumbo—can cost as much as $500 or more, so you’re better off weighing your options before committing to such a large expense.


If you’re not ready for such a big commitment just yet, worry not as you can test out your water by using water filter faucets. Water filter faucets are carbon-based filters, which are positioned on the water faucet directly. Water filter faucets work at filtering your water right as it passes through them, so if you install one in your shower and check it out a few weeks later, you might see significant deposits on the filter, letting you know just how seriously you need to consider installing a whole house water filtration system.



If you’re looking to make the water flowing through your home safer to drink, read up on water filter faucetsand water filter housings so you can cover all your bases and make sure you have a system that’s working properly.