A turbocharger is a turbine driven forced induction that increases the power output of car engines by forcing air into the engine’s combustion chamber thereby raising its efficiency. Today, a large number of both petrol and diesel engines use turbochargers to improve their output. Although the most common issues faced by drivers and mechanics are easily fixed with a little bit of time and effort, sometimes you will have no alternative but to approach a professional rebuilder for turbocharger repairs. In all fairness, a turbocharger is a highly tuned and complex piece of machinery that can be easily damaged if not handled properly. However, reconditioned turbochargers rebuilt by expert providers can perform at a level comparable to new factory fitted turbochargers.

Firstly, make sure you hire a turbocharger rebuilder that only uses OEM replacement parts. Although it may be possible to perform turbocharger repairs with spare parts from other engines, this could possibly cause irreversible damage to your turbocharger and severely diminish its performance. Admittedly, OEM replacement parts are fairly expensive compared to easily available and inexpensive spares, but this choice will pay off in the long run. In most cases, turbochargers that are re-built with OEM replacement parts produce a greater output and perform more reliably than ones built with spares from unknown sources.

Secondly, read the fine print before you hire a service provider for conducting repairs on turbochargers. A number of service providers charge exorbitant fees for reconditioned turbochargers by imposing hidden costs. For instance, many service providers charge an inspection fee to make sure your unit is in a repairable condition in addition to the cost of the rebuild itself. Certain service providers have started levying an additional charge for using OEM replacement parts. Meanwhile others offer differently priced packages for standard rebuilds and high quality rebuilds. Taken together, this massively drives up the cost of repair of turbochargers which tends to force people to try their hand at DIY repairs.

Finally, select a service provider that is actually capable of rebuilding and repairing your engine’s turbocharger. Modern turbochargers are highly tuned pieces of machinery that are designed unique to the engine in which they are fitted. Hence, most service providers maintain a list of engines whose turbochargers they are capable of servicing and repairing. If you cannot match your turbocharger to the corresponding list of engines given by a service provider, then find another one that explicitly mentions your vehicle’s engine. Most service providers maintain this list as they have OEM contracts for only certain engines and turbocharger repairs.

Hiring a professional service provider for repairing your engine’s turbocharger is a significantly more costly alternative as compared to buying a DIY kit and trying your luck. Nonetheless, as mentioned previously, it is a complex bit of machinery whose inner workings might not be entirely clear to the average mechanic or driver. Furthermore, if your unit has sustained some damage over the course of its lifespan that necessitates the replacement of certain parts, then approaching a professional service provider for reconditioning turbochargers is a safe bet and could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

Hiring a service provider who specializes in conducting turbocharger repairs is a big relief for vehicle owners who love to speed while driving. When you are aware of what to look for in a service provider, you can also rely on him to provide reconditioned turbochargers in the event the current equipment is beyond repair.