With a name like, the Ice Cream Diet, who wouldn't wonder just a little bit about it? Featured in Prevention magazine, the creator of this diet claims you can lose weight while eating ice cream every day. This article contains our personal review of the Ice Cream Diet, and we'll tell you if it's all hype, or what.

The Ice Cream Diet, like many others, will talk about why you need to develop the habit of good and regular exercise to accompany the diet and help you lose weight. Also, just in case... the Ice Cream Diet doesn't mean you eat all the ice cream you want, and then something extraordinary happens and the weight starts disappearing. By the way, if you read a diet book, and it says there's no real need to engage in regular exercising, we heartily suggest you just put it down and forget about it. When you look at this diet, what you'll see are recommendations to eat well but lower in calorie, regular healthy work-outs Monday through Friday for half an hour apiece, and only then are you encourage to imbibe in smaller portions of ice cream each day. This diet plan actually will work, but you have to do what they tell you to do; then you can drop some pounds while you're enjoying a little ice cream each day.

The Ice Cream Diet takes good advantage of something, and its a psychological principle that's going on. Here's the deal about this... take away your ability to eat something, or have something; and then you will discover you want it with stronger desire. The vast majority of people feel like they're being deprived of something they truly want whenever they diet. Once people reach a weight loss goal, then they will almost always go back to eating those very foods they were not allowing themselves to eat. This diet is actually clever because it addresses a very common problem experienced by all dieters, perhaps. This way we are not depriving ourselves and are less inclined to abandon the diet and binge.

Sure, anyone can become tired and bored with eating the same foods for too long. It can get boring especially because it's low cal, and the ice cream may lose its novelty. So it really is understandable that not so much the discipline, but the foods and variety can make you crazy. So that is something to remember, but there's nothing wrong with doing the Ice Cream Diet, and then switch to a diet that has different menu choices. Your ultimate success with the Ice Cream Diet will depend on several factors, and you maybe should think about that before getting started. Yes - ok, there it is, you really can lose weight using the Ice Cream Diet. There is nothing new to this diet and weight loss strategy despite the funny, sort of, name. The Ice Cream Diet can work for you if you stick to it and don't misunderstand it by thinking you can eat a gallon of ice cream every day!

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