A protocol which defines the way 3270 data streams are transported over the medium of TCP/IP networks is what TN3270 is all about. It started as a definition for RFC 1576 and was done on the basis of the protocol managed by Telnet. And the basic difference here between a TN3270 and a session managed by Telnet is that the latter uses a session such as the ASCII characters set which sends lines of data one at a time, but TN3270 would send the same character set using EBCDIC, in block forms. And with this you can actually use terminal emulation services efficiently.


It is the end station with runs the TN3270 client and emulates the display device as well. The TN3270 is assessed by the client and this is done with the help of an efficient and a strong network. The server TN3270 would convert the data stream into SNA 3270 which would then be responsible for passing the information via terminal emulator to the mainframe. And then it is the mainframe which would provide VTAM or Virtual Telecommunication Access Method.


But there are certain things that would have to be taken into account before the networking happens. And one of them would be the beginning of immigration to IP from SNA networks, say experts. The mainframe role in conjunction with TN3270 would shift from that of the central server irrespective of the applications being used or the data being processed to a server which would be an enterprise one. The enterprise server would be buddies to an NT server or a UNIX platform.


Text based apps are now becoming redundant in the modern day scenario. GUI’s are being used the most and this means that screen input is now less and display methods are being used more, which only web based clients can provide. TCP/IP is thus getting stronger than SNA networks, say sources.


TN3270 is the solution for all such factors that arises and when you implement the concept you would find it very easy and simple to understand. The only obstacle which you would face is when the migration happens between the app that exists and the restrictions on the network which forms a new topology altogether.


Hence before you use terminal emulation, it is very important that you get to learn more about the applications and understand them well too. The requirements for networking as mentioned before would be different as per the company’s needs and standards. Thus this would mean that you need to check which of the server’s features would be best for your business needs and requirements, before you implement them.


TN3270 is the in thing these days and many who would like to use remote control or remote access look at Telnet for a solution or an answer. Hence what you should do then is to get in touch with the experts and find out if this would benefit your needs or not. Don’t just use it because everyone is, it should be of value for the money being spent.


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