Coleman Spas have been in existence for over a hundred years now and their reputation for building a good piece of pool products is maintained. Having acquired a good hold in the outdoors market this Wichita Kansas company has been respected from generation to generation. Their pieces are practical and they have a wide range of spas to suit a variety of needs. From their plain bench or circular spas to the most sophisticated swim spas there actually is something for everybody. It is perhaps a fairly simple job to maintain your Coleman spa with lots of Coleman spas parts found on the web or through nearby pool retailers. In the 1997 Coleman spas Maax takeover the company became part of one of the largest spa corporations in the country. But while determining and pricing a hot tub style it is really important that it do the things you want as well as coming from a reputable company.

Coleman Spas Inc will be more than pleased to detail all the wonderful features available with their spa collection. Their attractive trim has a patented lock technology to help keep your spa looking beautiful on the outside but easily maintainable too. The pressure treated wood will resist rot, corrosion and pests, which makes it perfect for outside use in various climates. They are highly reinforced and bracketed, both on the sides and under the sitting area, to provide a durable construction which will stay longer than a lifetime. The spa uses a patented 7 layer style known as Fiber steel to make the construction the strongest in the market. Their products comply with the highest standards including those established by the Underwriters Laboratory and other protection organizations. The Coleman green pack even powers the entire product only using a standard 40Amp circuit which is both financially and eco-friendly.

In addition to being concerned with the quality of their construction Coleman Spas even has lots of pride in showing how green their products can be. Most people are concerned purchasing a spa that they will suddenly be saddled with a huge electricity bill which could curtail their enjoyment and use. Coleman spas use many techniques to minimize energy consumption and help the surroundings as well. As an example the green friction heating fittings heat through friction by pumping water from the baffle system. This means whenever the pump is operating they create additional heat which means less is required from the electricity driving the heating elements. The power saver Thermo Layer even offers excellent insulation to keep that heat in and also keeping the elements out. Coleman spa covers can also be added to give a final layer of thermal protection. The Pure flow filter system the spas comprise even helps to keep water clean while lessening the use of harsh chemical substances that can irritate skin and impact the atmosphere.

Some of the features available in the spas are talked about in client Coleman Spas reviews, noting them as the "best" in hydrotherapy options. When looking at their brochure their Patio collection is made for those who wish to have their own spa but are limited on space. The impressive shapes consist of triangular pieces ideal for restricted corners and basic 2 or 3 person designed which are great for people who do not need to accommodate the entire neighborhood. As their brochure puts it they are great for empty nesters and couples since they are intended just for you. The Coleman Spa's hot tub collection is designed for those with more extensive needs, with 7 foot, 8 foot and specialty spa designs available.

Coleman Spas