25, February 2016: Months ago, there was a string of explosive accidence caused by substandard batteries in electric self-balancing scooters. Some players bought electric self-balancing scooters, but a few were unfortunate to experience explosion of battery during charging. These accidents raised the public concerns about the quality of electric self-balancing scooter. For the moment, there are some famous scooter-makers who still hold onto the quality. In these firms, safety of the users comes first. Today Andy will tell you what the high-quality scooter is. He is to cite Airwheel electric scooter as the obvious example.


Andy is a scooter-lover who collects electric self-balancing scooters for a long time. Each time Airwheel released new models, he must buy them at all cost. He thinks Airwheel is a code word for high-quality. Airwheel uses the high-quality materials as its shell. Previously, it adopted the special PC material. This kind of material is superior to that of other scooter-makers. Later, it turned to TPU material. This kind of stuff is hailed as the best material as shell, which stands up to outer impact. In the event of inner explosion, the TPU shell will serve to protect the rider from damage.


Andy is always lauding the tyres of Airwheel electric scooter. A premium tyre can endure for five years. Airwheel indeed chooses this kind of tyre of Chen Shin. The tyre is endurable and bouncy. When Airwheel electric scooter runs on the road, the tyre will mitigate the vibration, offering a comfy ride.

The tyre enables the Airwheel electric scooter to pass the steps. Even if Airwheel electric scooter goes down the steps, it is not a challenge for it. Andy in person experienced it. The fact shows that the premium tyre is complementary to the high-quality shell. Thereby it is a rare news that Airwheel electric scooter breaks down. The reliable quality reassures every players of a safe ride.

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