30 December, 2013: You love the Hearthstone card game and are looking for a beta key to enjoy the game, and then this is your destination. This is the place where the hearthstone beta key giveaway is happening. As you know that, the game is a free to play game set and it contains 300 cards in its decks initially. In addition, you also know that you can keep on adding to your deck by earning it while playing or by buying it through booster packs that are sold. 

Either way the game is easy and fun to play. It tickles your thinking nerves, making you react fast, that gives you an adrenaline rush. The game is played one to one and is controlled through the website Blizzard’s Battle.net. You have a Windows or Mac computer then you can play the game easily. The game cannot be played yet on mobiles and iPads. 

The hearthstone beta key giveaway December is just a small favour from your side. Help us earn some money in exchange of providing you a free beta key. Yes, we will not be charging you anything but we wish to get something in return, and it is not a big favour. All we require from your side is a completing a small survey. Once you complete the small survey the key will be provided. 

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