Miami, Florida, USA — ABCP Endeavors LLC introduces their brand new product My Medic Info. This USB medical device acts like an alert bracelet that functions as EMR software or electronic medical records software.

For the elderly, and people of all ages who face chronic health problems, it can become ever more challenging to keep track of medical records, past procedures, prescription medications, and allergies. Many people have a difficult enough time keeping track of their own medical information, much less communicating it to doctors and health care practitioners, according to Paul Connor, owner of ABCP Endeavors LLC.

In the case of unexpected accidents or negative health events, like a heart attack for example, communicating important medical information can be a matter of life and death. EMTs and medical techs need to have all the information available to properly treat patients and save their lives. How can one be sure that he or she will get the right medical attention if that person is unconscious or incapable of communicating with the medical staff? For many years, people have worn alert bracelets and medical alert jewelry for the purpose of alerting others of known health conditions and allergies. For example, those with diabetes often wear diabetic bracelets. However, Connor had a better idea.

His new product, My Medic Info, is a USB stick or flash drive, which can store your medical information. It can be plugged into the USB port of any computer device to help communicate your unique medical information and treatment needs. The image of the Rod of Asclepius, or the snake entwined around a rod, is the symbol for medicine and communicates its contents, much like a medical alert bracelet.

According to Connor, all you need to do to set up this USB medical device is to plug it into any computer, click the set up tab, and fill in the blanks with your personal information. Further, you can customize how much information you want to enter. Make available only the details of your medical history that you want to share. Connor continues: “My Medic Info is a revolutionary and highly affordable means of protecting your health in the event of injury, accidents, or health problems. Share with your friends and family the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will get the proper medical attention no matter what.”

ABCP Endeavors LLC is a company devoted to promoting humanitarian issues, nonprofit organizations, and charitable causes. Their brand allows them to get out in front and lead by example. This new My Medic Info product is just the next step in their ongoing contribution to creating a better world.

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