Cross rates is a Forex term that is used when you trade currency. The word Forex simply distinguishes the foreign exchange market from the local US stock market.  Currencies, bonds, and stocks are also traded in the foreign currency market.  Trading of foreign currency is the same as in the US trade, but it should be noted that the quotes shall be in the currency of the respective country.   So it is very much possible that the country’s unit of currency may be less or more in value than that of the US dollar.



In the previous years, if you wish to convert your money into the money of another country, you were to first convert it into US dollars, after which you can then again convert it into your desired currency.  Today, this is no longer the case anymore, because this has been bypassed by the cross rates.  A cross rate currency trade does not involve the US dollar.  The trade can be done between any 2 currencies.  An example of a cross currency trade is when you pay Euros for yen (EUR/JPY). 


The rate is the quote on the traded currencies.  In the example given above, let’s place the rate as 1.0/0.009, meaning 1 yen is equivalent to 0.009 of one unit Euro.  You will note that neither of the 2 currencies is a US dollar, thus it is a cross rate trade. Experienced traders are using this to determine the value of each country’s currency.  This will allow traders to make a decision whether or not to go ahead and trade currency.


It is quite difficult to do a foreign currency trade, whether it is a cross rate or otherwise, because of the rapid rate by which currency values change. Your instincts are important to keep up with the conditions of the market and some currencies’ strength.  The currency rates can change drastically on a daily basis. It could be on a high the first day and then drop to a low the next day and maybe again be normal on the third day.


To trade currency professionally, you should be familiar with the Forex language. Traders in currency exchange often make use of languages that may be intimidating for you, especially when you’re just beginning to learn to trade. The best approach here is to learn the meaning of the word that you don’t understand, get familiar with the language, until you completely understand the meaning.  It will also be helpful if you can get used to a trading environment before parting with your money to trade currency.  Set up a demo trading account with a company dealing with Forex.  It is free, so you won’t lose anything.  You can then practice your trading ventures with this free account.


You should know that trading foreign exchange carries with it a high level of risk.  So before entering the Forex market, consider your investment objectives very carefully, as well as your risk appetite and level of experience.  Always remember that the trading of foreign exchange may be suitable for others, but not for everyone. Part of your initial investment might get lost, or all of it.  If the money that you have is intended for some important payments, it means that you can’t afford to lose it, so don’t invest money in Forex trading.

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