The process of buying the perfect suit can be a difficult one for those that would like to truly look and feel great at many of life's most important events and occasions. There are an almost unlimited amount of options when it comes to these formal and semi-formal outfits, and it may seem overwhelming at first glance. This is why many men just choose the first affordable ensemble that they can find, usually in the most bland of colors and designs. Fortunately, with just a little bit of planning and foresight, an amazing suit can be found for nearly any occasion.

For men that would like an unique suit in their wardrobe that is not too aggressive or loud, the two tone suit is often the best choice. When designers and manufacturers reference a two tone suit, they are describing the appearance of the outer layers of the outfit including the pants, jacket, or vest. The two separate tones and are made of an interweaving mesh of several colors. Many times, the colors will come off as a brighter or more vibrant tone, such as a blue or tan, and then a base color will be used in order to create the custom design. These alternative colors could also be cream, tan, grey, or black. When used in combination with one another, the colors will add depth to the outfit without veering too far away from a traditional look and feel.

For many years, these types of outfits have been referred to as the 'Tonik' suit, and they work extremely well for many occasions. Men that live in warmer climates and those that would like a lightweight material will often select two tone suits as a result of the physical design of this material. The interlocking pattern produces an outfit that breathes wonderfully and will work for even the warmest of locations.

When selecting a two tone suit, there will be quite a few options and features that men will want to keep a close eye on. Although men of all body types can wear these suits, it is necessary to buy the entire outfit as a single package. Even minor variations in color or designs could result in an outfit that completely clashes. Special care should also be given to the various accessories that are purchased with a two tone suit. The shoes and belt must carefully match one another, and there should be no more than three primary colors throughout the whole outfit.

No matter should ever obtain the first affordable suit that they see. When a little time and energy is invested into the process of purchasing a new suit, men will quickly discover just how amazing these outfits can be for the numerous formal and semi-formal occasions throughout one's life.

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