There are a few styles and designs of suits that most men will tend to overlook when on the hunt for a new formal or semi-formal outfit. This includes double breasted suits, one of the most iconic outfits in the world that have defined an entire genre and generation of men. Although everyone will need a few key suits in their wardrobe at all times, those that would like to really stand out from a sea of bland outfits should consider a double breasted suit as well as understand some of the principles of this ensemble.

Nearly all suits have fallen into a few primary categories, and this means that most outfits will quickly blend together. Two and three button suits have always been a mainstay of the formal and semi-formal class of clothing, yet some men will need to break up the boredom with a double breasted suit. The core difference between a double breasted suit and any other suit is the overlapping of the jacket across the front of the man. There will be two distinct rows of buttons that are to the sides of one another. Traditionally, there will be four or six buttons that nearly form a square across the man's torso.

Like most three button, single breasted suits, double breasted suits look best on men that are slightly thinner as well as taller. For taller men, it may even be acceptable to buy a six button double breasted suit if the chance arises. Shorter men will be able to pull off the look, while it will be more difficult due to this suits ability to make men appear shorter and wider if the sizing is not done carefully. This is why all men should carefully measure themselves before making a purchase. This includes measuring of the shoulder, chest, neck, and arms.

Many of the more traditional designs for double breasted suits were made of a single color, most often white or black. These made the perfect option for formal events when men would like to avoid the common tuxedo. At this time, there are more choices for the double vested suit and those who need a versatile outfit should stick to a basic muted color such as black, brown or blue.

It is very important to carefully match the jacket with the pants. This does not mean matching in terms of color as many men will prefer to mix and match their colors. Instead, the relatively bulky nature of the double breasted suit must be balanced out with pants that have heavier cuffs or even pleats.

Nothing says a man has classic and timeless style like a double breasted vest. Anyone that is interested in an unique addition for their wardrobe should look towards one of these iconic outfits. offers a wide array of men's suits, including double breasted suits, so that men have all the available options when looking for affordable suits.