Property investors prefer to build a new home, instead of buying an old one for a multitude of reasons. Get into the details of single story house prices, variables and special offers.

Young couples and real estate investors choose to build a new home because it’s a more advantageous deal given certain circumstances. When you build a new home, you know that systems and appliances will remain in perfect condition for decades to come. You know that your house components and structure is fully compliant with updated building regulations and will remain this way for a long time. You acquire safety and comfort when you build a new home, which is not always the case with old ones. Customizing fundamental features is another great option when you choose to build a new home.

Single storey homes are such a popular choice because they are more affordable, they are safer, more economic and easier to maintain. You consume less energy when your house is smaller. The bills for all home utilities are lower for small home owners. When you live with older relatives or little children you have to consider safety hazards. That’s why many families prefer to avoid the risks of having indoor stairs. Old people find it really difficult to move from upstairs to downstairs many times a day. Children are exposed to dangers when playing around ladders. It’s very convenient from a lot of perspectives to build a new home that responds to all of your accommodating needs.

Single story house prices may start from $140,000 and exceed $250,000. The location is one of the cost determining factors. The number of bathrooms, bedrooms, the room width, versatility and design are among other factors. Ready to live in packages also have their price variations. Land width is a major influence for cost variation, but so are modern features. When modern designs are mixed with technologically advanced systems and building materials you can expect higher costs than with standard and modest building plans and structures. However, it can be extremely convenient to opt for a ready to live in home, which sometimes equals the cost of a new home build deprived of domestic appliances and furnishing.

It’s a good idea to get in contact with a builder and start from your budget when planning a single storey house design. It’s up to you to decide if you want a basement, a sunroom, covered patio, front or rear garage, and other structure elements. Then it’s also important what materials you use for the flooring, the fixtures, the heating system, the type of roof, window, doors and façade. The quality and life span of each element included in the building process will determine the final single story house prices. As a property owner, you decide whether it’s more profitable for you to invest initially in superior quality components or invest gradually in upgrading and improving features. Take your time to get well informed on special packages, discounts and great offers!

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