June 02, 2014: Akrioo is offering an opportunity of its kind for people from different parts of the world to participate in volunteering projects in West Africa and also explore the unspoilt nations in the region. This Volunteer Organisation is offering several types of placement opportunities in countries like Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia and Togo. One can work on several types of community and healthcare projects and can have a new experience in a new place. Besides, they have business internship projects as well and a volunteer can choose a project as per his/her choice and interest.

They have different types of placements and an international volunteer can choose to work on a project, starting from a two weeks’ duration to spanning over several weeks or months. One can find a completely ambient and friendly environment and it could be a lifetime experience for anyone working for local people’s social and economic emancipation. There are several types of community projects where a concentrated effort is important for raising the socio-economic bars of the local marginalized populace.

There are several types of simple projects such as teaching in nursery schools. At the same time, one can choose to work on more challenging projects such as working with crocodiles. However, according to the spokesperson of the organization, all placements ensure lots of fun and satisfaction and that should be an inspiring factor for anyone who is looking for volunteer work abroad. They have several types of Volunteer Medical options in several West African countries for volunteers who want to gain some experience in the field of healthcare.

Besides offering Volunteer West Africa opportunities, Akrioo also offers accommodation only options for people who want to discover West Africa and want to stay in a caring environment among the local community. This will provide people with an opportunity to know about the local culture and will make their vacation more meaningful as well as rewarding. Akrioo also arranges the local SIM for volunteers and others who stay with them in any country in West Africa. To learn more about the volunteering and accommodation options that they offer, one can visit their website www.akrioo.co.uk.

About Akrioo:

Akrioo is a volunteer organization that primarily works on a variety of community and healthcare projects in West Africa. The organization was founded by Ina Thorpe in a school in rural Gambia. Since its very foundation, Akrioo is working to connect those who want to help with the people and projects that need them most. A volunteer can find a wide variety of projects to work on and gain some life-changing experience.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: +44 0208 780 8755
Website: www.akrioo.co.uk