BOCA RATON, Florida December 14, 2009 - is launching a unique weight loss accountability tool. It is a very simple piece of online software that allows the user to jot down their weight loss challenge, for which they need to be motivated and accountable. The tool will then send the user periodic reminders on a semi-randomized schedule.

The hectic nature of modern life makes it tough to stay motivated and accountable, especially for weight loss. The best intentions rarely survive the crush of deadlines, meetings and family obligations. Many weight loss motivation programs and websites are extremely work intensive. They require users to track calories, input information daily and often become like second jobs. They add more things for busy people to be accountable for instead of helping them to stay motivated for existing weight loss goals. is taking a different approach to helping people stay motivated and accountable for weight loss. Rather than add to the daily to-do list, helps people to take advantage of an existing daily natural weight loss ritual. While many people do not exercise or go to a gym daily, most people do check their email daily or at least periodically. More importantly, a person doesn't need to visit the site every day.

The software is designed to be extremely simple and user friendly. It exists entirely online and requires no downloads or installation. The users only need to visit the site to set up or adjust their weight loss motivational reminders. They can jot down the things they want to be accountable for in a text field and set a general schedule for reminders. For example, if the user wants to be reminded to go running or jogging three times a week, they can set the schedule for around every two days. The system then delivers the message as a weight jot to the user on that schedule, but the delivery intervals vary to help keep the user motivated.

The weight loss motivation and accountability tool is going live on December 14th 2009. It is the brainchild of Michael Dunage. The impetus behind the tool was, says Michael, “To provide everyday people with a simple method of staying motivated for and accountable to weight loss.” The software is free to use and the site runs through all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla).