Shilajit, a live resin has recently been making headlines with its many curing benefits. It is said to be a supreme healing food in Ayurveda and found in limited regions of NorthWest China, Northeast India, and Southern Siberia. According to sources, it was traded for gold in the olden times since it was believed to help in the all round health development of its users. It is used as a major component in developing many Ayurvedic medicines as it has the potential of eliminating side effects. offers researched and high quality review on the resin so that customers get to know before using it.

There are number of brands marketing Shilajit resin, however, not all of them offer quality product. According to research, PurBlack is said to provide premium shilajit to its customers. Customer’s reviews shows that the brand uses large content of the live resin while developing it. Till now there have been no records of side effects or any negative reviews from its users. Shilajit is considered to be a natural herb which is processed with methanol and standardized with fulvic acid fertilizers. Experts believe that it also has the capability to increase the benefits of other botanical herbs when used along with it.  

Shilajit comes with many benefits for its users. It is known in stabilizing mood and helps in calming people suffering from work pressure and anxiety. Shilajit powder can be taken by taking about a pea size portion and dissolving it in water. Users can drink it by adding sweeteners or other flavorings such as vanilla, honey, etc. Customers who have used the product reported that they have witnessed changes in their mood after using the resin for only a week. Other benefits of the live resin are improvement in memory, reduce healing time of bone fractures, and promote sleep. For more information please visit

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