A basketball website claims it has the secrets to imitating the shooting form of reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

In a statement, the website ehowtoshootabasketball (http://www.ehowtoshootabasketball.com/stephen-curry-form) said that it can teach budding basketball players how to copy the deadly shooting form of the NBA MVP from the reigning world champions Warriors.

“Stephen Curry’s shooting speed is the object of envy of many NBA players because he can release a shot in a split second. And he can do it from virtually anywhere in the floor making him arguably the deadliest perimeter shooter the league has ever seen,” the website said.

It added that basketball players who wish to understand how Curry releases his shot should visit the website. “The site explains everything a player needs to know about Steph Curry’s shooting form, from the way he squares up, to his quick release, to how his feet land on the floor.”

By browsing through the website, players will be able to uncover the secrets to the shooting form that has made Curry the best basketball player in the world today, and the premier player of the NBA-leading Warriors.

Curry, 28, is the hands-down favorite to win this year’s NBA MVP trophy after winning the same award last year. He led the Warriors to a 67-15 record last year on the way to the franchise’s first NBA title in 40 years. This year, he has led the Warriors to a 46-4 record and on pace to shatter the NBA record for most wins in a season (72) held by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

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