Worldwide, July 31, 2013: For most network users, the Ethernet switch that allows the use of the network itself is “out of sight, out of mind.” Without this piece of equipment, there would be no internet access for most offices and factories. 

“I created this website to inform both technology experts and techno-phobes about the latest developments in this small, but extremely important piece of hardware.” — Allybe, Founder, 

An industrial Ethernet switch is a network bridge component that is designed to handle high traffic, vibrations and temperatures. They are insulated to protect them from electrical interference and to provide a high-quality, clear signal to the attached computers. 

Individual Industrial Ethernet Switch categories are manufactured in hundreds of different series for unique data application needs; the network technician is only limited by the imagination of what she/he would like to achieve for a client. — from (accessed July 28, 2013) is a free website that offers lots of free information about this important piece of networking equipment. The website is the most comprehensive resource on the Internet for networking information.