Valencia, Spain - Daniel Major proudly announces a review of the latest product release for improving how guys can greatly improve their chances of attracting beautiful women by Joshua Pellicer called The Tao of Badass .

"I made this video review because I think that most guys have a tough time chatting to women, and The Tao of Badass does a great job of teaching effective chat up techniques that will even help give guys who have a terrible track record with women," says Daniel Major, a self-employed businessman based in Madrid, Spain.

"I myself used to struggle a lot when it came to chatting up women until a friend of mine taught me some simple techniques that drastically improved my success rate!!" Joshua's course, The Tao of Badass effectively teaches how to use female psychology and the arts of attraction to break down a woman's psychological and subconscious barriers. These barriers are what the vast majority of guys fail to overcome and are the reasons why most men suffer strike outs time and time again.

Joshua Pellicer, one of the most respected experts in the psychology of attraction, created The Tao of Badass for guys who struggle when it comes to chatting up women as he once did himself. His course provides an easy to understand insite that if acted upon will greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome when chatting to women.

The main teaching of this course is about how best to use and understand female psychology in order to break down the inhibitions of women. The Tao of Badass is grounded in real science that is proven to work and is definitely effective when acted upon, please learn more about The Tao of Badass here.

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