20 June, 2013: Many people suffer from joint pain as a result of an injury at a place of work. Peter Bayliss has launched a compensation claims website for employees who have suffered a wrist; arm, elbow or shoulder Injury and are seeking compensation. The website gives an expert insight into these injuries and informing visitors of the best ways they should get treatment and information to see they are eligible and how to claim. 

Another common injury in the workplace is back injury and is high on the list of injuries employees suffer from work. This normally applies to people who are heavy lifting items on a daily basis. 

The site outlines the various ways back injury can occur in the workplace and how people can be able to avoid the situation just by observing various positions when lifting heavy equipment. 

The website peter-bayliss.co.uk offers visitors information concerning the various kinds of injury that a person can get in their daily lives. It outlines the different types of injuries and offers employees a professional negligence service where people have been misrepresented when claiming for work injury compensation as a result of the carelessness of the solicitor working on their behalf. 

An estimated 1.5 million work related injuries happen In the UK each year with only a small percentage seeking compensation. A recent study shows that almost 80% of the UK population are likely to experience some pain with their backs at someone point in their life. There has been no study of what percentage will be due to work injury but Peter Bayliss believes in could up to 40% 

With the statistics speaking out for themselves, the website was launched for people seeking information on how to claim compensation. Peter offers professional no obligations advice on the best ways to seek justice legally and if you choose Peter Bayliss to represent you the service he offers is no win no fee. 

Peter Bayliss (http://www.peter-bayliss.co.uk), a company based in the UK, has a website that gives information of various workplace. For more information www.peter-bayliss.co.uk or email [email protected] peter-bayliss.co.uk