Popular fashion website Handbag.com has recently published a feature on their website advising brides about what to take into account when picking bridesmaids for their wedding.

Factors taken into account by the piece in question include the ideal number of bridesmaids and the potential need to include family members in this select group, as well as a number of tips on how best to go about the entire process.

According to the staff writer in charge of this feature, it is wise for the bride not to try and accommodate everyone, since a higher number of bridesmaids will inevitably lead to a harder time for all involved. The need to procure matching dresses, keep personalities in check and liaise with everyone makes a smaller number of bridesmaids more advisable and manageable.

The piece then goes on to state that, of these bridesmaids, at least a few should be family members. Sisters in particular should not be neglected, the author advises. Being left off the list of maids of honour at a wedding is a frequent cause of family tensions, so brides wanting to avoid this should endeavour to include at least a couple of their loved ones on the list. However, the article also tells brides-to-be not to feel pressured or obligated just because someone asks to be a bridesmaid – it is their wedding and they are free to choose who they want.

Brides are also advised to be considerate, price-wise. Weddings, and everything surrounding them, can often be expensive, so brides are counselled to think of the expenditures when picking their maids of honour. In the case of more extravagant or exotic weddings, or if the bride requires designer bridal wear, the costs may have to be footed by herself rather than each maid individually. Brides should also ensure their partner is okay with the choice of maids of honour, and that there are no clashes with any women in the groom’s own family, before proceeding with the invitations.

Finally, brides are advised to remember that the term ‘bridesmaids’ is not binding — men can also be part of the entourage!

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